East Fork, Chandalar River
The Chandalar River flows southeast 100 miles before emptying into the Yukon River. Four of its tributaries are its West, North, Middle, and East Forks. The East Fork flows 175 miles, mostly south and a bit west, from its head in the Romazof Mountains to the Chandalar.

French employees of the Hudson's Bay Company in the 19th century named the Kutchin Indians who lived along this river "Gens de Large" or "nomadic people." The local pronunciation of this French expression became "Chandalar" when written in English. A Native Alaskan name, recorded in 1869, was Achenchik River. (Source: Dictionary of Alaska Place Names, 1971)


Subhankar Banerjee, "East Fork, Chandalar River"    
Subhankar Banerjee
East Fork, Chandalar River